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Our Clients

What our clients think about us is the best evidence we have of our reliability, attention to detail and exceptional customer service. Our diverse client base includes specialty retailers and commercial clients from various industries; all requiring a budget conscious, innovative and “green” approach to construction. Our tenant improvement projects range from 1,500 to 15,000 square feet.

Yolanda & Jesus Lopez

Owners, Mi Rancho Supermarkets

Our introduction to Kevin Flaherty was first in 2008, when we were looking to expand our chain of Hispanic grocery stores by adding a new location in Redwood City. Kevin’s immediate knowledge of local markets, in addition to grasping our needs as a growing supermarket concept, led us to our new location on Charter Street – located directly adjacent to Target.

On the real estate side, Kevin negotiated our lease. On the financial side, he secured our construction loan. To ensure our market was built to our needs, Kevin oversaw both the entitlement of the project, and the construction process from start to finish. His one-stop-shop approach has helped us streamline our growth model to a point where we can rely solely on him to help us bring our next store to complete fruition.

He has gone above and beyond the scope of any broker and contractor that I have ever met. If I have a question about my daughter’s college apartment lease, Kevin is there. On our personal real estate portfolio, Kevin has helped us with his continued advice and guidance. He has also successfully helped us close on an industrial building that we share with a local food distributor in the Bay Area. Currently, he is in negotiations to upgrade the existing facilities there, and we couldn’t be more confident that Flaherty Brothers Construction would be the right contractor for the job.

On a personal note, both my husband and I have become very close with Kevin beyond the sphere of business. He possesses a dead-honest approach, a positive outlook, and an inherent sense of entrepreneurship that we also share as a growing company. We have no doubt that Flaherty Brothers Construction will continue to grow as we grow, and our partnership will continue to ripen with age.

Tony Zepeda

Downtown Redwood City Property Owner

Communicated with me extremely effectively

I contacted Kevin and Paul to assist me with expediting the coordination, engineering design and construction associated with the PG&E gas service to my commercial building in downtown Redwood City. Up until that point, I was at wits end with PG&E’s lack of cohesiveness on their end when it came to outfitting my building with meter service so I could lease the space.

I handed over the coordination to Flaherty Brothers Construction, and immediately, from the beginning, they used their industry connections to expedite this previously frustrating process. Kevin and Paul were both very knowledgeable of the matter and communicated with me extremely effectively throughout each step of the process.

I asked them to then oversee the construction process as well, and they handled it extremely professionally. From the outset, they presented me both a list of costs and schedule for the work to be completed. The job was finished per their schedule, and there were no additional cost surprises, either.

I am in the process of coordinating future tenant improvement work with my perspective tenants for that space, and I highly recommend to both my tenants and industry colleagues, to work with Flaherty Brothers Construction. You will be thankful that you did.

John H. Sullivan, MD

Eye Medical Clinic

Attention to detail was evident in the finished product

I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Flaherty Brothers Construction to anyone wishing to pursue an improvement project at their place of business. I contacted Paul Lewis in regards to re-configuring and improving an office space in our building.

As a physician practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 40 years, it is absolutely necessary to maintain an environment in which our patients always feel comfortable when they visit our clinic. It was my initial concern that this project would create a level of noise and dust that one would commonly associate with construction improvements.

Paul suggested to us that this work would only take place over the course of one weekend when our clinic is closed. We decided to follow through with this plan, and by Monday morning, the space was improved, completed and immaculate, and no one was aware that a major renovation had just taken place. Their attention to detail was evident in the finished product, and their level of communication was superb.

FBC Board Member

We do what we say

We service clients that want things done right. Sometimes we will run into clients that care about price only, without a desire for quality. Those are the clients that we most likely do not want to do business with. The reason people want to do business with us is simple…we do what we say we are going to do and we will not cut corners. The scope that is on the contract is the scope that’s going to be installed. It is a simple concept, which the majority of contractors do not follow.

Carl Pahlr

Oakland Coliseum Player Operations

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Flaherty Brothers for over 15 years, and the one word that comes to mind is INTEGRITY. Flaherty Brothers Construction is a trustworthy, reliable, hardworking outfit that I would not hesitate to recommend for any of your construction or real estate needs.

Nariman Teymourian

VP of Sales & Marketing, DRI Commercial

Kevin (Flaherty) helped me manage one of my properties. Kevin has a great sense of customer service and is very knowledgeable in Real Estate and Property Management. Kevin managed the vendors effectively and promptly. He has very effective communication style and a sense of urgency which allows him to accomplish things quickly. I would work with Kevin again and hire him to manage my properties and/or construction projects.


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