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Flaherty Brothers Construction is a local construction contractor that provides ground up construction services to businesses in Redwood City and the surrounding areas. We provide exceptional customer service and work clients across all industry sectors. Whether you are an investor or going to occupy the building for your business, we can build whatever you can dream up.
If you have an existing property that needs tenant improvements, a complete renovation, expansion, or you want to turn it into a green building – we are the eco-friendly builders for you. Call (650) 268-9779 to discuss your ideas and to get a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.


If you are looking to build a property either for occupancy or as an investment, we can help you to find the best location by working with WakeStorm Capital Realty. In commercial construction, location matters because it either helps or hurts your chances for exposure that can impact how many customers visit you and how likely other businesses will be to lease the space.

If you already have the perfect property, we can move directly into the planning phase. During this stage, we work with clients to develop goals, responsibilities and schedules. This is necessary for setting clear expectations and ensuring that there are no project delays. We believe the only way to work is by setting transparent project objectives, keeping all lines of communication open, and establishing a strong foundation for a positive working relationship throughout the duration of the project build and beyond.

At Flaherty Brothers Construction, we can also take you through the entitlement process, giving you the support you need along the way in order to get the clearance you need to start building. It is important to make sure that there are no unnecessary delays in the entitlement process as this can significantly slow down the timeframe to build and eat into the budget you have set aside for holding cost. Engaging us now, can help to save you money later on.

We also provide design consultation services to businesses and investors throughout Redwood City and California. By working with preferred business partners, we can ensure that your project is designed in a way that is cost effective and will work within the time frames you have in mind. By becoming part of the design process, we can incorporate the elements you are looking for from the very beginning which reduces your risk of cost overruns and change orders.

Retail Construction

Building ground up retail and providing tenant improvements are one of our specialties. If you are an investor that owns a retail location, providing tenant improvements will often be part of your lease negotiations. As a construction contractor, we can help you during this process by reviewing the proposals made by the leasing agent with the requests for TI’s. By reviewing the space and their requests, we can let you know how much the tenant improvements will cost so that you can factor that into your lease negotiations. This can help you to ensure that the transaction is profitable from the get go and give you the opportunity to counter their initial proposal if necessary.

As a commercial construction company, we also work directly with tenants that have leased space and need to make improvements in order to make it functional. Very often, landlords will only pay for a portion of the tenant improvements and the business is responsible for the rest. It is important to work with builders who can give you an accurate quote so that you can budget for your portion of the construction cost. Our dependable service will make sure that you can open your doors as quickly as possible and that your space will look fabulous.

The team at Flaherty Brothers Construction also performs ground up construction so if you are looking for commercial construction companies in Redwood City, California, give us a call to discuss your design ideas and project goals. During our pre-construction meeting, we will provide professional advice as to what we feel is the best way to proceed with the project and a realistic time frame for completion. By offering construction management services, we can take your building from concept to occupancy while delivering a superior product.

Construction Management

As a construction contractor, we offer construction management services to businesses and investors in Redwood City and throughout California. Our construction management services can take your project from idea to occupancy by working with WakeStorm Capital Realty to help you locate a property, managing the permitting process, constructing the property, completing tenant improvements and more.

Our team is experienced and able to provide a wide range of services that include earthwork, biohazard remediation, office, retail and industrial build outs, roofing, waterproofing, solar integration and full PV procurement. To learn more about the services we offer call (650) 268-9779.

Tenant Improvements

Flaherty Brothers Construction provides dependable tenant improvements for businesses and investors throughout California. Whether you are moving into the building for the first time or want to remodel your current space, we can help. As commercial builders, we are experts at renovating space that is currently occupied and can complete the changes quickly and efficiently. This works well for our many office space clients that need regular service requests. If you have an empty space to work with, our design services can help you to determine the best way to build it out.

Businesses throughout Redwood City, trust Flaherty Brothers Construction to provide tenant improvements at an affordable price while delivering exceptional value and customer service. Whether you need a full build-out, have a simple service request or are looking for energy consulting services, we can help. Call (650) 268-9779 to receive a free consultation and quote.

Ground Up Construction

We are a commercial construction company in Redwood City. As such we offer a variety of services for businesses and investors throughout the state of California. Our clients range from retailers to doctors, investors, and small business owners. Regardless of what industry you are in, we are the builders to call. If you are looking to build an investment property or a building that your business can occupy, we can meet with you to offer a pre-construction consultation.

During our initial meeting, we will discuss the goals that you have for the property and where you are at in the process. If you simply have an idea of what you want to accomplish, we can help you to identify the right property through our WakeStorm Capital Realty services. Once you have acquired the property, we will work with you through the architectural, engineering, and permitting process as part of our construction management services. By working with one main point of contact, the project will go more smoothly and the time it takes to get started will be reduced. Once the permits have been delivered we can start the building process.


If you already have your permits in hand and are looking for a commercial construction company to finish the project, we will gladly step in at this point and ensure that the final product meets your expectations in every way. As a LEED certified contractor, we can also build to green standards and ensure that your property manages energy and resources wisely.

Green Building

LEED Certified Building – We pride ourselves on firsthand experience and knowledge in understanding key fundamentals to provide our clients a concise path for identifying and implementing pragmatic and sizeable green building solutions

Energy Installations – Energy efficient lighting, automated data controls, design build solar budgetary and building expertise.

Environmental Remediation Consultation – We help our clients through the maze of local, state and federal overlapping agencies to return a property to a useable and profitable source of income.

WakeStorm Capital Realty

Commercial Real Estate – WakeStorm Capital Realty, Inc. is a privately held commercial real estate brokerage located in the Bay Area. FRE works in conjunction with Flaherty Brothers Construction, Inc. to assist clients who prefer a single source for their real estate and construction needs.

LEED Certified Contractor

If you are looking for eco-friendly builders call Flaherty Brothers Construction. We are commercial builders who are experts in completing green building projects and can incorporate environmentally-friendly design into ground up construction projects, remodels, and tenant improvements. By understanding which materials deliver the best value for your budget and the environment, we can make it easier for you to go green. As a commercial construction company and LEED certified contractor, we make it possible for you to own a building that is both energy efficient and beautiful. To learn more call our Redwood City office at (650) 268-9779.


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